Kit Car & Replica Car Insurance Specialists Since 1983

At Footman James we have been arranging kit car and replica car insurance for over 30 years.

Footman James is proud to support the kit car movement, which we demonstrate by attending many classic and kit car shows throughout the year and by nurturing relationships with over 150 classic vehicle clubs.

We have links with many kit car clubs, such as the Westfield Sports Car Club and the Quantum Owners Club, and – as part of our commitment to them – we offer special rates for members.

Footman James can arrange insurance cover for over 100 different kit cars; including Caterham, Westfield and Robin Hood, to name just a few.

Our kit car cover also includes the usual benefits that owners’ value, including salvage retention (dependent on category of salvage in the event of a total loss) and spare parts cover (up to a limit of £250) plus limited mileage options (1,000 – 10,000 miles per annum).

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Kit Car and Replica Car Insurance, Tailored To You

Because we know that every kit car owner is different, we have developed FJ+ which allows you to build your own policy using a number of different policy options.

FJ+ policy options include:

  • Spare Parts: cover can be extended for spare parts up to the value of £2,000, £5,000 or £10,000 (depending on the level of cover selected). This provides cover for spare parts and fitted accessories for the insured vehicle and other vehicles that you own. Cover is also extended to cover your spare parts away from home up to a limit of £2,000.
  • Nil Deduction Salvage Retention: enables you to retain your vehicle and/or its parts (subject to the salvage category applied) with no additional costs involved to purchase the salvage at the time of a loss. Vehicles over £50,000 in value are excluded.
  • Legal Protection: offers cover up to £100,000 per claim of legal costs involved to pursue the recovery of uninsured losses after an accident caused by someone else, provided they are insured against third party risks and can be identified.

To find out further information and examples of FJ+ policy options, visit the FJ+ page. FJ+ is subject to terms & conditions.

Did you know?

With FJ+, you can add track day cover to your policy for up to three track days per year (terms and conditions apply).

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We can now offer a range of additional policy options, which allows customers to tailor their cover to suit their particular needs.