Vintage Tractor Cover Specialists

Footman James have arranged classic vehicle insurance for over 35 years to owners, traders, collectors and clubs.

We understand the necessity to preserve both vintage and classic tractors for those who own, collect and display them.

Footman James can cover classic tractors from 20 years old.

Please note that our Vintage Tractor Insurance covers personal use on free holding and does not cover agricultural business use. 


Classic Tractor Insurance, tailored to you

We know that whilst every owner or collector shares the same enthusiasm for their classic vehicles, the needs are individual. With this in mind, Footman James have created FJ+, which allows you to build and tailor your policy from a wide range of different cover options to suit.

These policy options include:

  • Agreed Value: rest in the knowledge that the true value of your vehicle has been settled and agreed at the beginning of your policy
  • Legal Protection: cover of up to £100,000 per claim to recover uninsured losses after an accident has been caused by someone else

To find out further information and examples of FJ+ policy options, visit the FJ+ page.

Did you know....

At Footman James, we can insure both your classic and modern vehicles, with our Flex insurance policy.

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Tailor your quote with FJ+

We can now offer a range of additional policy options, which allows customers to tailor their cover to suit their particular needs.