Coffee & Chrome Collective Welcome Gallery - July 2022

At every Coffee & Chrome meet, we have a team of photographers and videographers roaming among your classic cars and motorcycles capturing the very best metal on display. We also tactically position our snappers at both the entrance and exit of the event to make sure as many of your cars as possible make it onto film.

What do we do with these? Well, if you haven’t already joined us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you won’t have seen the star cars of all of our events scattered across our feeds. Also, we publish galleries with a huge variety of members’ cars included here on our website, which, if you scroll a little, you can begin to enjoy.

So, if you joined us at Impney Estate earlier this month do check to see if your car is displayed. If you didn’t (and you want your car to feature in upcoming Coffee & Chrome Collective content) then head to our pre-registration form to join the growing list of people hoping for a free invitation.