5th July 2022

Impney: Our biggest Coffee & Chrome yet!

It can’t have been much after 8.30am when the first rumble of non-standard exhausts echoed across the empty grounds of Impney Estate. We’d spied pockets of classics pooled in nearby pub car parks on the local roads as we approached for final set up, so we knew it would be busy – but the doors weren’t supposed to open until 9am.

Once one car had been waved in by our smiling staff, though, it was as if word was out. A Dodge Viper rumbled up through the gates. The singing two-stroke of a Berkeley special. An immaculate Morris Marina Coupe (seriously, this thing was medically clean) and a pair of early Lotus Esprits in perfectly period pallette. E-Type, 911 and 205 GTi. An E30 M3 and the kind of modified Mk1 Golf you just wish you’d had the vision to build yourself.

Yes, our biggest-yet Coffee & Chrome Collective meet proved true to form in terms of vehicle diversity – just on a not-before-seen scale. We capped the RSVPs at 1000 vehicles (sorry to those that didn’t make the cut this time) and it felt like all of them turned up. At once.

With good reason too. Not only did our guests find twice the number of amazing classics to peruse over coffee, but this time we had live music, autojumble stands, a gorgeous vintage ice cream truck, a yummy cake stand and no less than five different teams of enthusiastic baristas to prepare your morning brew. Oh, and the free bacon butties. Never forget the free bacon butties…

The sun burst through the cloud just before 10am and stayed with us almost all the way to our 1pm close, with just the briefest sprinkle of rain to call time at the coffee bars. Our Coffee & Chrome Collective team covered every inch of metal with a mix of drones, cameras and video kit so if you missed the event, keep an eye on Instagram or Twitter for a replay of the very best vehicles – and if you did make it, follow us anyway as there’s a decent chance your vehicle will be featured. The coverage starts with our gallery below so do have a click or swipe.

Otherwise, just one small suggestion left: please pre-register for our next meet if you haven’t already done so and we’ll be sure to tap you on the shoulder as soon as details are confirmed.

See you next time!