27th June 2023


Aston Martin Bulldog breaks 200mph barrier

Darren Turner, a racing car driver has finally broken the 200 miles an hour barrier in the Aston Martin Bulldog concept car 45 years after it was first tried.

The Bulldog was created by Aston Martin as a one-off concept creation in 1980, with the hopes that it would be capable of doing over 200mph making it the fastest production car of all time.

Sadly, testing and development were stopped with the car tantalisingly close to reaching the 200mph goal. Having achieved 191 miles per hour in testing at MIRA when Victor Gauntlett became chairman of AML in 1981.

In 2020, the car was given to Footman James’ partner Classic Motor Cars in Bridgnorth, Shropshire where it underwent an 18-month restoration process.

Restored to its former glory, the Bulldog was driven to a 205.4mph speed by racing car driver Darren Turner. The three-times Le Mans 24-hour class winner previously got the Bulldog up to a speed of 176 mph at the Royal Naval Air Station at Yeovilton in 2021. The barrier was broken in a former NATO airbase in Campbeltown, Scotland.

For more information about Classic Motor Cars please visit: www.classic-motor-cars.co.uk

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